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Lemon-Berry Prenatal MULTI - Essential Nutrition+Hydration for Mom & Baby

Lemon-Berry Prenatal MULTI - Essential Nutrition+Hydration for Mom & Baby

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Now let’s get you and your new baby the nutrients you two need to keep developing healthy! While traditional prenatal “multis” only give you a select few nutrients, Root’d BOOSTS your pregnancy by infusing the 25 essential vitamins & minerals your developing body and baby need every day with digestive probiotics, energizing organic greens, PLUS hydrating electrolytes all into one ahhh'mazing drink mix!


  • Prenatal vitamin with 100% folate from methylfolate Neural Tube Development
  • Powder prenatal vitamin for women with Probiotics Digestive Health
  • Powder prenatal multivitmain for women with immune support Immune Health
  • Powder prenatal Vitamin with Choline and B12 Blood Health
  • Powder prenatal Vitamin with Electrolytes sugar free Hydration
  • Powder preantal Vitamin with B Complex and energy support Energy

25 Vitamins & Minerals: Optimizing mom and baby’s daily nutritional needs with bioavailable sources, supporting your energy, immune, and blood health + baby’s development

7 Organic Superfoods & Probiotics: Improving absorption while supporting digestive and gut health, with added organic beet root for cardiovascular health

3x Electrolytes: 3x the electrolytes of a sports drink to hydrate your body without the sugar, supporting your sustained hydration and stamina

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