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Sandalwood Beard Shampoo

Sandalwood Beard Shampoo

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Zeus Beard Shampoo in Sandalwood can be used to cleanse your hair daily without stripping your beard of natural oils. Zeus Beard Shampoo will leave your beard soft and manageable, unlike regular soaps and shampoos that can damage hair follicles and leave skin dry and irritated.

Zeus Beard Shampoo is specifically formulated for your beard and is made with mild, natural ingredients to keep your beard clean, healthy, and shiny. Great for sensitive skin!


  • Chamomile Benefits skin and hair with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties
  • Dragons Blood Tree based ingredient stops irritation, redness, and flaking while protecting hair and skin
  • Green Tea Delivers vitamin B2 and E to skin and hair to hydrate skin and promote hair growth
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