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Villa Jerada

Villa Jerada Spices & Condiments

Villa Jerada Spices & Condiments

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Aleppo Pepper The bright, savory, fruitness of the Aleppo chile flake lingers with complexity. Strong enough to stand alone, yet, even more, delightful when combined with cumin, cinnamon, and even sweets.

Kefta Rub adds a fragrant touch to the meat that's reminiscent of street stalls, cafes, & dinner tables that stretch across the Moroccan landscape like a simple but complex favorite shared by locals and remembered by the traveler.

Moruno Rub a popular and beloved Spanish blend with a Moroccan influence, embodies the flavor and culture prevalent on the tapas scene. Villa Jerada's recipe adds a rich layering of aromatic and savory complexity to meats and stews.

Harissa No. 1 is a quintessential North African condiment – a paste or sauce produced from chili peppers, oil, and spices. Originally from Tunisia, it has since spread to other parts of North Africa and has been adapted to suit local tastes. Harissa N ̊1 is a Moroccan-style Harissa that is less chile-forward and features a melange of layered flavors from spices, fresh mint, tomato paste, and preserved lemons.

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