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Lil' Puffs Organic Snacks

Lil' Puffs Organic Snacks

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Sweet Potato Apple: The spoon-feeding days may be over, but your toddler’s favorite flavors haven’t changed! We’ve packed sweet potato and apple into this tasty, cassava-based, organic puff. 

Non-Dairy Cheddar: Made with non-dairy cheddar, cassava flour, and protein from watermelon and pumpkin seeds, this is no ordinary cheese puff. It’s an organic treat that makes snack time easy-cheesy!

Veggie Blend: We’re out to prove that even the pickiest toddler can love veggies! These puffed delights are made with a blend of seven organic vegetables, tumbled in coconut oil, and sprinkled with Himalayan salt.

Berries. Beets. Geometric treats. Made from organic fruits and veggies, these tasty puffs are clean as can be – and not just because they won’t stain your whole home red!

Your toddler is ready to try Lil' Puffs when he or she:

  • Stands alone
  • Feeds self with fingers
  • Bites through a variety of textures

The product should only be feed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods. Package is not intended as a toy.

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