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Montebello Organic Linguine Pasta

Montebello Organic Linguine Pasta

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Linguine originated in Genoa, Italy, and means “little tongues”—reflecting its elliptical (rather than flat) edges. Our version is made using durum wheat semolina organically grown on a small cooperative of family farms in the rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It’s a natural choice for pairing with seafood-based sauces, such as the classic linguine alle vongole, or linguine with clams.

Originally built in 1388, the idyllic Monastery of Montebello has long served as an emblem of agriculture in northern Italy. This is a region prized for its produce, a place where organic crops like hearty durum wheat and vine-ripened tomatoes are transformed by skilled artisans into impeccable air-dried pastas, robust sauces and more. Imported for you to enjoy, these delicious products deliver Italian excellence to any dish.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Durum Wheat Semolina

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