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Square One

Organic Cocktail Mix

Organic Cocktail Mix

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At Square One, our philosophy is to bring only the best organic ingredients from the field to your glass. Just one sip and you’ll taste the difference organic makes! Beyond great organic ingredients, we make our mixers with a higher juice content and lower sugar than other mixes on the market, making them a perfect partner for quick and easy natural cocktails.

Bloody Mary: Starting with a 50-year-old family recipe, we balance the heat of our peppers with naturally sweet tomatoes, vegetables and spices. No added sugars or artificial ingredients. Savor on its own or with our award-winning Square One Organic Vodkas – Traditional, Cucumber or Basil. Vegan and Gluten Free. 

Luscious Lime: Using only the highest quality limes bursting with juice, we lightly sweeten with organic cane sugar and add just a touch of fragrant rose essence for a sublime cocktail experience. Try adding fresh muddled fruit or herbs with our award-winning Square One Organic Vodkas – Traditional, Cucumber, Botanical, Basil or Bergamot – for an extra special libation. Our Luscious Lime is luscious because it has a whopping 56% real juice content and 50% fewer calories than major margarita mixes on the market.

Pink Daisy: Sun-kissed pomegranates bursting with juicy tart flavor are brightened with organic lemons and a hint of rose essence for a delicious - and beautiful - pink cocktail. Perfectly paired with Square One Botanical spirit or Bergamot vodka for a twist on a classic Daisy cocktail or as a base for other creative libations. With 30% concentrated pomegranate juice, lemon juice, a touch of molasses and a few drops of rose water, this Pomegranate mix will add delicious depth to all of your favorite pomegranate cocktails.

Spicy Ginger: The deep spicy warmth of fresh ginger root comes to life with a touch of fresh lime and coriander spice. Use as a base syrup for homemade Moscow Mules by adding your own club soda or substitute for simple syrup in recipes for that extra kick. A perfect match for Square One’s savory, floral and citrusy organic vodkas – Traditional, Cucumber, Botanical, Basil and Bergamot. Our ginger syrup has 16% real ginger juice and with 25 servings per bottle, is environmentally more friendly than buying bottled ginger beer!

Lively Lemon: Our aromatic lemons are picked at their peak, lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and given a lively boost with a touch of coriander spice. Pour on the rocks with one of our award-winning Square One Organic Vodkas – Traditional, Cucumber, Botanical, Basil or Bergamot and top with club soda. For a savory touch, add a fresh herb sprig from the garden. With 68% real lemon juice, and only 50 calories per 3 ounce serving, make you own seltzer by mixing it with sparkling water.

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