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Premium Design Decorative Coasters

Premium Design Decorative Coasters

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BOHORIA COASTER Set – Each coaster is a work of art in itself. Those who value design will love BOHORIA coasters.

  • Different designs
  • Long durability
  • High-quality natural cork
  • Sheet metal with a detailed print

The coaster has a diameter of 9 cm for safe storage of cups, glasses, and bottles. 4 millimeters of height ensures a top-quality appearance. Precision as well as a clean finish promise long durability.

The bottom of the coaster is made of high-quality natural cork. Which prevents your table from being scratched. At the same time the bottom of natural cork ensures that the coasters do not slip. The surface consists of sheet metal with a high-quality print and is also cleanable. In order to avoid a vacuum effect of a smooth container by condensation water in warm weather, we recommend to wipe the coasters dry from time to time.

The coasters are suitable for glasses, coffee cups and bottles and are ideal as gifts. As well as to complete your table decoration. For example for a wedding, Christmas or birthday. Furthermore you can create individual gifts from the coasters. By writing something on the cork side for example.

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