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Marley's Monster

Toilet UNpaper® Roll Rainbow

Toilet UNpaper® Roll Rainbow

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Toilet UNpaper® is the 100% cotton flannel, reusable toilet paper for all! Yes, we said it - reusable toilet paper.

Marley's Monsters is a company that creates eco-friendly, reusable products for the home, including a variety of sustainable options for the bathroom. One such product is Toilet UNpaper, which is an alternative to traditional disposable toilet paper.

Toilet UNpaper® is reusable toilet paper made from soft, absorbent cotton flannel that can be washed and reused countless times. Toilet UNpaper® strips come bundled around a custom kraft cardboard tube, similar to traditional toilet paper and can be re-rolled on the tube after laundering. Toilet UNpaper rolls can be stored in a decorative container or placed on a traditional holder. Pairs perfectly with a bidet!

Remove label and wash stack of Toilet UNpaper®. Once dried, re-stack and roll one at a time onto tube. For more information on rolling, see our tutorials.

This listing includes 24 Toilet UNpaper® strips paired with a 4.5" recyclable Kraft Paper tube. The roll is the perfect size to fit on your existing toilet paper holder. Choose your style in the drop-down menu.

  • Each strip measures approximately 4.5" wide x 12" long (About 3 paper squares long)
  • Toilet UNpaper® strips are single ply - 100% cotton flannel
  • Edges are sewn for durability and to prevent fraying
  • Absorbency is increased after the first few washes. Toilet UNpaper® strips will shrink just enough to fit your roll perfectly


Collect the dirties in a bin or Wet Bag, wash every 2-3 days and DON’T FLUSH! After they've been washed, simply stack them up and re-roll one at a time.

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