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Protein Power Ball

Vegan Snack Energy Bites

Vegan Snack Energy Bites

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Plant-based diets are here to stay. Most people recognize that plant-based diets, a way of eating that prioritizes plants and whole foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & seeds, whole grains, etc.), are great for so many health reasons that it’s hard to deny it.

  • 65 CALORIES PER BALL! Perfect snack for individualized portions. Comes in a resealable bag, eat what you want now and save some for later.
  • All flavors created are non-GMO, DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE, and GLUTEN FREE.
  • KETO FRIENDLY. No added sugar. All sugar contained comes from natural whole foods with a low glycemic index and easily digestible.
  • Protein Bar Alternative - Healthy Snack for while you work, travel, pre/post workout, adventures, school, with coffee and the possibilities are endless!
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