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Verbena Lime Refined Beard Oil

Verbena Lime Refined Beard Oil

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For something to be refined, it must be free from impurities. Crafted from a unique blend of Sweet Almond, Soybean, Argan, and Avocado Oils, this beard oil stands as a pure moisturizing and leave-in conditioner for both hair and skin. These essential oils all provide skin and hair with unmatched moisturizing, elasticity boosting, and reparative nutrients to keep your beard looking its best. This thicker, gel-like beard oil is fast-absorbing and easy to use. One or two pumps from the black frosted glass bottle are all you need to apply for a long-lasting, all-day beard conditioner. Zeus Refined Beard Oil is fit for all beard types. It can also be applied to dry spots on the face or hands or be used as a skin-nourishing pre-shave oil for those with more sensitive skin.


  • Argan Seed Oil Restores natural shine, volume, and moisture to skin and hair
  • Almond Oil Locks in moisture to prevent UV damage and prevent the appearance of fine lines
  • Soybean Repairs damaged skin and hair while smoothing and detangling
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